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10 Most Famous Unresolved Mysteries of Science

January 6, 2013 Leave a comment

Science has progressed a lot over the years but there are still some unresolved mysteries out there to which science does not have an answer! There are anomalies, natural phenomenons, certain strange things that appear out of no where and scientists all over the world cannot seem to figure out an answer to them! This article will briefly touch the top ten of such unresolved mysteries of Science, which despite being one of the most researched branches of Education, seems to have failed in certain areas!

Cattle Mutilation

There have been rumours and often sightings of apparently dead cows, cows whose soft organs have been torn out and who are drained of blood, turning up alive. They seemed to have been operated upon and to date no one has figured out where they came from. Read more…

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10 Weird Unresolved Mysteries in the World

January 6, 2013 Leave a comment

There are so many people in the world, who only focus on finding interesting things in life, things that are still unexplained or unexplored. Just to satisfy the need of such readers and mind adventurers, I have compiled this article for you. This lists ten of the most mind boggling, unexplained mysteries on our planet. Things that even the top most scientists and theorists have no clue about, places that hinders the thought regarding their creation or any evidence thereof!

So without further delay, read on to get fascinated and being searching for what might lay out there.


The Disappearance of the Watchmen of Eilean More Light House

Off the west coast of Scotland, there are a collection of highly uninhabited but adjoined, 7 islands. Over the years several ships had crashed onto them and therefore a light house was created. Only to find that the three watchmen that were installed on the light house were no where to be found. No bodies, no clues, nothing! Plain disappearence! Read more…

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