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10 Weird Unresolved Mysteries in the World

There are so many people in the world, who only focus on finding interesting things in life, things that are still unexplained or unexplored. Just to satisfy the need of such readers and mind adventurers, I have compiled this article for you. This lists ten of the most mind boggling, unexplained mysteries on our planet. Things that even the top most scientists and theorists have no clue about, places that hinders the thought regarding their creation or any evidence thereof!

So without further delay, read on to get fascinated and being searching for what might lay out there.


The Disappearance of the Watchmen of Eilean More Light House

Off the west coast of Scotland, there are a collection of highly uninhabited but adjoined, 7 islands. Over the years several ships had crashed onto them and therefore a light house was created. Only to find that the three watchmen that were installed on the light house were no where to be found. No bodies, no clues, nothing! Plain disappearence!

The Dropa Stones

In 1938, a well known archaeological heist took place lead by Dr Chi Pu in the depths of the mountains of China. There, these disc records, made of stone, were found, exactly similar in shape to the records we had in our times. The spirals on them told stories of space and beyond!

The Haiti Zombies

The zombies in Haiti are actual people, people who are punished for their crimes or for breaking the law by being injected twice in the brain with certain poisons which renders them into this zombie state!

The Placebo Effect

Although this is more of a medical or rather psychological miracle, never the less, it is still one of the unresolved mysteries that why people with an illness can be cured due to a plain thing that looks like a tablet however, completely devoid of any properties what so ever.

Mary Celeste

This ship was launched in Nova Scotia in the 1960′s and weighed 280 tons. It made its last voyage in 1872 and was later found floating alone in the Strait of Gibraltor. No one knows what happened or where the passengers are!

The TAOS Hum

There is a town Taos that is located in Mexico. More often than not, people hear this strange humming like noise which is very audible and loud but the source has not been located to date! Weird isn’t it?

Angel Hair

The phenomenon of Angel hair has been witnessed in Australia, New Zealand, North America, and some parts of Europe. What happens is that thread like things rain from the sky and they disappear as soon as they fall which is why there is no sample to experiment on! No one knows where they come from.

The Nazca Lines

In Peru, the area where these lines exist, is known as the Nazca Plains. It has these huge images made up of impossible long and large lines which seemed as they have been drawn by some thing inhuman, due to their size. No one knows how they exist there.

The Apocolypse 2012

The Mayan Calender points towards the end of civilization in 2012 and so do a hoard of other theories and concepts. Whether it is true or not still remains to be seen.

The Bermuda Triangle

I am sure you have all heard about the Bermuda Triangle and the various ships, planes, and people that have been lost there. No theorist or scientist in the world  has an explanation as to what lies beneath it.

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