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10 Most Famous Unresolved Mysteries of Science

January 6, 2013 Leave a comment

Science has progressed a lot over the years but there are still some unresolved mysteries out there to which science does not have an answer! There are anomalies, natural phenomenons, certain strange things that appear out of no where and scientists all over the world cannot seem to figure out an answer to them! This article will briefly touch the top ten of such unresolved mysteries of Science, which despite being one of the most researched branches of Education, seems to have failed in certain areas!

Cattle Mutilation

There have been rumours and often sightings of apparently dead cows, cows whose soft organs have been torn out and who are drained of blood, turning up alive. They seemed to have been operated upon and to date no one has figured out where they came from. Read more…

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10 Weird Unresolved Mysteries in the World

January 6, 2013 Leave a comment

There are so many people in the world, who only focus on finding interesting things in life, things that are still unexplained or unexplored. Just to satisfy the need of such readers and mind adventurers, I have compiled this article for you. This lists ten of the most mind boggling, unexplained mysteries on our planet. Things that even the top most scientists and theorists have no clue about, places that hinders the thought regarding their creation or any evidence thereof!

So without further delay, read on to get fascinated and being searching for what might lay out there.


The Disappearance of the Watchmen of Eilean More Light House

Off the west coast of Scotland, there are a collection of highly uninhabited but adjoined, 7 islands. Over the years several ships had crashed onto them and therefore a light house was created. Only to find that the three watchmen that were installed on the light house were no where to be found. No bodies, no clues, nothing! Plain disappearence! Read more…

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10 Strange Road Signs That You Can Come Across

January 6, 2013 Leave a comment

Before you think that there isn’t possibly anything interesting about road signs, think again. Because I have compiled for you, some of the weirdest and most absurd road signs that you could ever have the honor to come across. Amuse yourself as you read on!

Tank Crossing

strange road signs

Well, I understand if a sign says, ant crossing or even tortoise crossing, but in my opinion, putting up a sign that says “Tank Crossing” is uncalled for simply because a thing that huge is quite visible already. Read more…

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10 Amazing Things You Didn’t know About Dreams

January 6, 2013 Leave a comment

Dreams are a very important part of our lives because for some that is actually the real world (unfortunately) and then for some, it is an escape, and then for others it carries messages and signs. The science of dreams is very interesting but listed below are some even more unknown aspects of dreams that might interest you.

Epic Dreams

Dreams that completely changed a person after he or she woke up from it, are known as epic dreams. Some people who have seen epic dreams have also experienced dreams within dreams, and eventually a life altering phenomenon!

Marijuana and Dreams

Doctors have found that those taking marijuana had eventually suffered from a complete loss of dreams and after they stopped taking it, the experienced what could only be called vivid dreams. This proves that marijuana messes with the REM of a person.

Difference in dreams of different genders

So here are the amusing differences between the dreams of men and women. Where women have longer dreams, filled with emotions, and with places and people they know, men’s dreams are shorter, void of emotion and normally involving places and people unknown to the dreamer!

Dreams and Psychosis

Here is a thought, if a person has a continuously disturbed REM, it can eventually lead to psychosis. REM is the Rapid Eye Movement Sleep, for those who didn’t know.

Dreams of the Blind

There is something you did not know, even the blind people have dreams. They only dream sense and sounds, no images unfortunately.

Dreams inspire great ideas

Vincent Van Gogh claimed that he dreamed his paintings and then he painted those dreams and this stands true for a lot of different great inventions. They were dreamed first!

Children’s Nightmares

Believe it or not, children have more nightmares than adults, specially in the age where they cannot speak. Some people also believe that when children cannot speak, they see the exact future in their dreams! Creepy no?

Dreams are forgotten

More than 90% of the dreams are forgotten! Yes, no wonder we do not remember what goes on when we sleep most of the times.

Dreams of Animals

It seems hard to believe but yes, animals also dream. The pattern varies from dogs to cats to birds ofcourse but doctors claim that all mammals can dream period.

Brain Activity during dreams

Now this is a rather interesting find, that the cortex of the brain is more often than not, more active then it is when a person is asleep! A very bad case of this is when the brain does not shut off at all even if coma is induced, which then causes fatal insomnia!

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10 Strangest Hobbies in the World

December 20, 2012 Leave a comment

Was there ever a moment in your life where you thought you had a weird hobby, something that you might be embarrassed of  like collection comic books at the age of 20. Well rest assured that there are people out there who have hobbies that are even more bizarre than your little acts of innocence. Read on to find out more about the random weird acts of people around you, acts more commonly known as hobbies!

Riding Roller Coasters

There is a 78 year old who has a ridden a roller coaster for like 4000 times in his life, a maximum daily total of roller coaster rides is 90 for this old dude. I am sure most of us freak out at the thought of sitting in the topsy turvy ride!

Milk Bottle Collecting

You might not think so but this actually is a justified hobby. Look at it this way, the designs of milk bottles change with time right, so if one starts collecting and actually makes a museum of milk bottles, they can proudly show of the various trends in milk bottles! Paul Luke has more than 10,000 milk bottles!

Doodling on Cars

There is a guy in Taiwan named Li Zongxiong who lives on pension. This guy has covered all of his vehicles with script from various Buddhist editions and sayings. Each and every part of his rides is covered in writing and he claims that the police, sometimes, finds it hard to believe that someone would do such a thing to their own vehicle!

Tape Art

This mind sound a little out there but people are actually making quite impressive art renditions out of tape. The normal practice is that you take the tape out of the cassette and then try making an image of the singer of the tape, using the flimsy tape itself! Now that is something one can actually adopt!

Extreme Dog Groomin

All of you who currently own pets, or have had pets in the past must know that pet grooming is something very essential. Some people just make it a hobby to take pet grooming, or should I say Dog grooming (to be specific) to such an extreme level that the dogs start looking like some other animal!

Being the Extra-Extr

We see extra’s in the movies and in television shows all the time. Well there is this guy in south London called Paul Yarrow, who likes appearing as an extra- extra on TV. For those of you who know not, an extra-extra would be the person you see, randomly standing behind the anchor or newscaster during a live road show etc.

Faking Death

When he could not make it as an actor, Chuck Lamb decided he would play dead to earn a living and he is very successful at faking his own death! His fake death pictures and videos have attracted quite the crowd.


Believe it or not, mooing is actually a hobby enjoyed by the young and  the old equally. All you need to do is brace yourself, stand straight, and moo like a cow! Sounds like fun right?

Navel Fluff Collection

This hobby right here takes the cake for being the weirdest but trust what you see people because there exists as person by the name of Graham Barker, who likes collection his own navel fluff and has been gathering it over the years!


Last but certainly not the least, Jonathon Lee has a hobby of filing law suits despite being in prison! He was named in the Guinness book of world records for most law suits ever filed, in response to which, he sued Guinness claiming that they have no right to publish his lawful masterpieces!

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