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5 Reasons to Quit Your Job

February 19, 2014 Leave a comment

Many of us spend our entire lives working towards a career, and building ourselves as individuals through our work experiences. So when is it worth is to sacrifice all those years of effort? Is there a distinct point when you can safely say “it’s over”? Well may not, but here are five reasons to quit your job and move on.

Going Downhill ?


Your organization is going bankrupt. There’s a downward spiral, and you can see it. Time to get out while the getting’s good. Read more…

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5 Healthy Living Tips

February 19, 2014 Leave a comment
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10 Secret Societies in the World

January 6, 2013 Leave a comment

We have always been hearing of different sorts of secret societies in the world. More often than not, a conspiracy theory is based around one or more than one of these hidden secret socieites. According to general conception, the sole concept of these organizations or societies is too claim world hegemony and this is precisely why, most of the world events that have a global impact, whether positive or negative, is linked to them!  I am sure that most of you must have heard of more than a few of the societies listed under but this list is an all en-compassing document of all the societies that there are. There are many famous leaders and personalities from around the globe that have been known to have a link (whether minor or major) to one or more of these hidden agencies! Read it for yourself!


This is touted to be one of the largest most influential of all the secret societies! The society was formed in the 1700s but the documents that are evidence to its existence are as old as the 1300s. Personalities such as Winston Churhcill, Mark Twain, Henry Ford, and a host of others are known to be Mason Masters. Their rules have changed since the past days but critics maintain that they have occult ways! Read more…

10 Laws that are NEVER Obeyed!

December 20, 2012 Leave a comment

10 Laws that are NEVER Obeyed!

You know how we have always read that rules are supposed to be followed and that laws should always be obeyed. Well beleive it or not, there are some rules and laws in this world that are hardly ever followed or must I say, laws that are always broken. Smile all you want but read on and you shall be astonished!

So compiled below is a list of 10 laws that are never or hardly obeyed. Do share with us in comment section if we have missed out any.


No Reading in the bookstore

There are so many signs in bookstores that say that if you are not going to buy a book, please do not read it. Skimming through it is different, but whenever you walk into a book store, you will find people actually bunked around on the floor reading the books they never intend to buy.

Using the left lane to cross

If any of you reading this has a drivers license (which I am sure most of you do have actually) then I am sure that you must be aware of the fact that the left lane on the road is specifically for over taking- after which you are supposed to move back into the right lane! Be honest, how many times have you yourself followed this law?

No gambling at home

There are perhaps a gazillion laws that do not allow or forbid gambling of any sorts at home but be it christmas or easter, you shall see a lot of people actually having a game of poker or something else, but certainly gambling away after all that booze!

Washing hands before work

There are certain jobs that require that before people come back to work they should wash their hands. Nearly all of the food joints actually say this, but trust me, as gross as it might sound, this is also one of those rules that are hardly ever followed unless utmost necassary (deemed by the person himself ofcourse).

Shower before Swimming in the Pool

Same as the above one perhaps, but there are signs near every swimming pool insisting that the swimmers take a shower before they enter the pool just to ensure proper hygenic conditions of the pool water for the other swimmers but not only is this rule completely ignored by most of the people, it is increasingly violated as well, if you know what I mean ofcourse!

Don’t drive a car with the R sign

Now there are certain states in the world that require cars to  pass a certain, test, if you will, in order to qualify that the said vehicle is safe to drive. Incase they do not clear the test, a symbol R is placed on their front windows that is supposed to stand for “Rejected Inspection”. One cannot drive a car in such a situation but people still do, claiming, more often than not, that if they won’t drive it then how will they take it for repairs and maintenance! Score for them I say!

No Jaywalking

Now the law against Jaywalking is for the safety of the pedestrians, but more often than not, they are not only found jaywalking in the middle of a busy street but apparently dancing to tunes unknown to the people in the cars! Funny how they say the roads are dangerous then eh?

No Piracy

I think for this particular rule it will suffice to say that if it weren’t for piracy, most of the teenagers would spend their entire pocket money paying for online movies and music! That nearly sums it all up.

The Liscense to Sell

So you know how they say that you need to a license to sell anything and everything? Well that goes true for even a lemonade stand and judging by the fact that there are too many of those and other similar stands that one cannot even keep count, do you really believe that this law is being obeyed? Hell no people!

Cash Register Balance

And the last spot goes to the law that needs all the business and retail people out there to maintain a certain amount of cash in their register at all time. For various reasons, which includes random robberies as well, a very few people actually obey this law and most of them aren’t even aware that such a law even exists! Figure that!

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10 Most Stylish and Creative Computer Mice

February 19, 2012 Leave a comment

Computer mouse is something with what we encounter every day. And it’s very important that we get pleasure from its use. For people who work on computers for long have to cater the comfort factor while choosing a mouse.


So here I have compiled some of the most stylish and interesting mice and even a bit of creative concepts. We hope this collection will facilitate your search for the “perfect mouse”.

Apple Magic Mouse

Read more…

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