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10 Most Famous Unresolved Mysteries of Science

Science has progressed a lot over the years but there are still some unresolved mysteries out there to which science does not have an answer! There are anomalies, natural phenomenons, certain strange things that appear out of no where and scientists all over the world cannot seem to figure out an answer to them! This article will briefly touch the top ten of such unresolved mysteries of Science, which despite being one of the most researched branches of Education, seems to have failed in certain areas!

Cattle Mutilation

There have been rumours and often sightings of apparently dead cows, cows whose soft organs have been torn out and who are drained of blood, turning up alive. They seemed to have been operated upon and to date no one has figured out where they came from.

The Nazca Lines in Peru

Discovered in the 1930′s which is perhaps when man invented a thing that could fly high enough to actually see the lines in Peru, which were huge sculptures not properly visible from the ground even! Till date no one knows how and who drew these giant drawings!

The Ball Lightening

Lightening after thunder normally falls in bolts but there are witnesses to balls of thunder that have known to even come through walls and kill people! None of the scientists have figured out how these thunder balls are formed!

Gravitational Anomaly

There are spots in America where you can literally witness a gravitational anomaly which includes people standing in the walls, balls rolling up an incline, and other peculiar stuff like that. No one has been able to explain what goes on in those mystery spots.

Klerksdorp Spheres

This has to do with geology, the are small rocks in the shape of discs found in the mines of South Africa. No one has yet been able to figure out how the rocks are shaped the way they are shaped!

Ley Lines

They say that the Ley Lines are linear lines that connect all of the magical sites in the world, like the Pyramids of Giza, Stonehenge and the likes and that they form a mystical network. It is said, never proven, that you can gain a lot of you are able to tap into that network!

Corpse Lights

These are little flickering candles like lights that have been seen near swamps and bogs. They appear to be like flying flames but people who have been close enough to touch them report that are cool to touch! They have been associated with fairies and what not!

Water into Blood

You must have surely observed that when you sometimes go to the beach, the incoming tide is a deep red, making it look like blood. There is not sure shot answer to why this happens in some places! Sedimentary rocks you think?

The Sailing Stones of Death Valley

The sailing stones of death valley are large enough that a person should think that they cannot move around on their own. But weighing as much as 700 pounds even, some of these stones do move, at divergent paths, after every two to three years! This place is not too far from Area 51 which adds to the mystery of course!


Last but certainly not the least, everywhere you look, you will find a somewhat logical but spiritual explanation to the existence of Ghosts or the super natural beings, but science has nothing credible to say! This is also one of the most widely anticipated and discussed mysteries where some actually do not believe in the existence of the ghosts.

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