10 Most Evil Women in History

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Women are generally known to be very polite, graceful, and poised! Everyone expects them to be something out of a Shakespearean novel, a woman of an elite background, of a royal descent. This article, however, will throw light upon some of the most evil women in the world. Evil in the sense that they enjoyed torture, brutality, murders, and abuse for one reason or the other! If not that then they were evil and rigid on the posts that they held! Behold, here are the ten most evil women in the world!

Myra Hindley

Born in the year 1942 and died in the year 2002, she along with Ian Brady were responsible for the murders in Mancheseter which were referred to as the Moors Murders. They were responsible for brutal torture, abuse and the murder of three children and two teenagers! Read more…

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10 Weird Unresolved Mysteries in the World

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There are so many people in the world, who only focus on finding interesting things in life, things that are still unexplained or unexplored. Just to satisfy the need of such readers and mind adventurers, I have compiled this article for you. This lists ten of the most mind boggling, unexplained mysteries on our planet. Things that even the top most scientists and theorists have no clue about, places that hinders the thought regarding their creation or any evidence thereof!

So without further delay, read on to get fascinated and being searching for what might lay out there.


The Disappearance of the Watchmen of Eilean More Light House

Off the west coast of Scotland, there are a collection of highly uninhabited but adjoined, 7 islands. Over the years several ships had crashed onto them and therefore a light house was created. Only to find that the three watchmen that were installed on the light house were no where to be found. No bodies, no clues, nothing! Plain disappearence! Read more…

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10 Richest Teens in the World

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When you were a teenager, did you ever think of owning the world or of buying all different clothes and having various sporty and flashy cars at your doorstep?  I am certain that you did because nearly everyone does. Well the only  difference between that teenaged little version of yours and the teenagers in this list is that you dreamed of those things in your teenage and thought of finally having them when you grew up.

These little lucky humans have all of what we dreamed of, right now. Right in their teenage and ofcourse they have worked for it and everything but it does make you wish a bit more. I am sure this was enough of an intriguing introduction to what lies ahead for you in this article.


Willow Smith

Read more…

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10 Craziest Mental Disorders

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There has always been numerous cases of mental disorders in history and thanks to the advancement in medical, a lot of these disorders and now provided with a solution. A deeper look into the statistics for these tells us that one out of a hundred people in America suffer from a mental disorder.

After you have gone through the list below, you shall see that how affecting these disorders are on the lives of the people who go through them. Some of them actually have a huge impact on the people who are effected and the way they go through their everyday lives!


Type One Bipolar Disorder

Read more…

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10 Strange Road Signs That You Can Come Across

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Before you think that there isn’t possibly anything interesting about road signs, think again. Because I have compiled for you, some of the weirdest and most absurd road signs that you could ever have the honor to come across. Amuse yourself as you read on!

Tank Crossing

strange road signs

Well, I understand if a sign says, ant crossing or even tortoise crossing, but in my opinion, putting up a sign that says “Tank Crossing” is uncalled for simply because a thing that huge is quite visible already. Read more…

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10 Most Enigmatic Places on Earth

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I am sure all of you must have heard about various locations in the world but what I bring to you is a list of places about which there are still speculations and their existence is not entirely logical so to speak.

So compiled here is a list of some of the most enigmatic places on earth. Do share your thoughts in comment section.


Machu Picchu

This is one of the most preserved places of Peru and was apparently built in 1450 CE


This place is famous for the three temples and the wall that surrounds them. The wall is built with the Stone of the Pregnant Woman, some of them weighing as much as 1000 tons!

Easter Island

It is famous for the stone structures that are present there. Some that weigh more than 86 tons. There were actually so many of these structures that they were later moved onto the perimeter of the island and places upon stone slabs!


Built in 2500 BC, the Stonehenge is one of the most amazing prehistoric monuments. It has been remodeled quite a lot but it still maintains the same spell bounding factor in itself!

The pyramid of Ghiza and Sphinx

Although the pyramids have been the center of attention for quite sometime now, one still wonders and gets awed at the spectacular magnificence of these structures and what maths would have been involved when coming up with them!

Underwater ruins of Japan

In 1995 a swimmer in Japan went further across the shore and found what appeared to be a whole lot of man made structures under the water that were found to be 5000 years old! Amazing isn’t it!

The Stone Spheres

Since the 1930′s in Costa Rica, archeologists have been coming across these stone spheres in all different sizes and some as heavy as 16 tons!

Chichen Itza

This is supposed to be the place where the famous Mayan civilization presented the rain God with still-beating human hearts as part of a ritual of theirs. The same civilization that predicted the end of the world in 2012. Creepy eh!


This particular structure in Bolivia is famous particularly because it has been standing for 17000 years now and apparently was made using some technology that no longer exists! Interesting I say!

The Nazca Lines

Considered to be one of the most amazingly mysterious places in the world, the Nazca lines in Peru are these huge pictures made in the plains apparently drawn by some giant hand. Given their form, they are certainly not man made!

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10 Amazing Things You Didn’t know About Dreams

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Dreams are a very important part of our lives because for some that is actually the real world (unfortunately) and then for some, it is an escape, and then for others it carries messages and signs. The science of dreams is very interesting but listed below are some even more unknown aspects of dreams that might interest you.

Epic Dreams

Dreams that completely changed a person after he or she woke up from it, are known as epic dreams. Some people who have seen epic dreams have also experienced dreams within dreams, and eventually a life altering phenomenon!

Marijuana and Dreams

Doctors have found that those taking marijuana had eventually suffered from a complete loss of dreams and after they stopped taking it, the experienced what could only be called vivid dreams. This proves that marijuana messes with the REM of a person.

Difference in dreams of different genders

So here are the amusing differences between the dreams of men and women. Where women have longer dreams, filled with emotions, and with places and people they know, men’s dreams are shorter, void of emotion and normally involving places and people unknown to the dreamer!

Dreams and Psychosis

Here is a thought, if a person has a continuously disturbed REM, it can eventually lead to psychosis. REM is the Rapid Eye Movement Sleep, for those who didn’t know.

Dreams of the Blind

There is something you did not know, even the blind people have dreams. They only dream sense and sounds, no images unfortunately.

Dreams inspire great ideas

Vincent Van Gogh claimed that he dreamed his paintings and then he painted those dreams and this stands true for a lot of different great inventions. They were dreamed first!

Children’s Nightmares

Believe it or not, children have more nightmares than adults, specially in the age where they cannot speak. Some people also believe that when children cannot speak, they see the exact future in their dreams! Creepy no?

Dreams are forgotten

More than 90% of the dreams are forgotten! Yes, no wonder we do not remember what goes on when we sleep most of the times.

Dreams of Animals

It seems hard to believe but yes, animals also dream. The pattern varies from dogs to cats to birds ofcourse but doctors claim that all mammals can dream period.

Brain Activity during dreams

Now this is a rather interesting find, that the cortex of the brain is more often than not, more active then it is when a person is asleep! A very bad case of this is when the brain does not shut off at all even if coma is induced, which then causes fatal insomnia!

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