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10 Strange Road Signs That You Can Come Across

Before you think that there isn’t possibly anything interesting about road signs, think again. Because I have compiled for you, some of the weirdest and most absurd road signs that you could ever have the honor to come across. Amuse yourself as you read on!

Tank Crossing

strange road signs

Well, I understand if a sign says, ant crossing or even tortoise crossing, but in my opinion, putting up a sign that says “Tank Crossing” is uncalled for simply because a thing that huge is quite visible already.

Duck Crossing

strange road signs

They didn’t see this one coming when they said that it is not the vision that matters it is the thought behind it.

Tree Limbs Falling

strange road signs

Is it only me or does this sign seem strange to you too? I mean, why would a person park their car under an apparently abandoned tree?

Dog Talk

strange road signs

Well this sign certainly seems to be talking more to dogs than to humans. “What was the sign maker thinking or trying here” is the thought that make me laugh my head off! Might as well take your dog to this place to see if he understands.

The Not Allowed Sign

strange road signs

If you encounter a sign like this one, wouldn’t it make you think that one might as well put up a sign that says “nothing is allowed!” Would make a lot more sense now wouldn’t it!

Parachute Equipped Cars Only

strange road signs

So apparently the person who ordered for this sign to be put up was obsessed with the Bond movies because he seems to think that every car come equipped with a parachute and all!

Explosives not Allowed

strange road signs

So let me ask the question popping up in your mind: Where exactly are cars WITH explosives allowed? Wild guesses will be highly appreciated.

Elderly Crossing Beware

strange road signs

Ok this might not be a weird sign but if you observe, all around the world, the signs that show elderly people, are always (nearly) heterosexual. It is so cute!

Moose Crossing

strange road signs

Is the moose crossing or crushing. From the looks of it, the moose has actually already crushed the car so maybe the sign is trying to convey that of you aren’t careful, this is what will happen to you!

Don’t Pick up Hitch hikers

strange road signs

I have one question, even if a correctional facility was not near by, would someone EVER pick up hitch hikers after seeing all those horrible movies like Wrong Turn and the Hills have Eyes!!

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