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10 Richest Teens in the World

When you were a teenager, did you ever think of owning the world or of buying all different clothes and having various sporty and flashy cars at your doorstep?  I am certain that you did because nearly everyone does. Well the only  difference between that teenaged little version of yours and the teenagers in this list is that you dreamed of those things in your teenage and thought of finally having them when you grew up.

These little lucky humans have all of what we dreamed of, right now. Right in their teenage and ofcourse they have worked for it and everything but it does make you wish a bit more. I am sure this was enough of an intriguing introduction to what lies ahead for you in this article.


Willow Smith

It was just one small hit that gave her a huge amount of $4 million, the same song called “Whip my Hair”! She is the daughter to the famous actor Will Smith who I am sure is very proud of his daughter at the moment. Kudos to this little talent!

Jaden Smith

From his movie “The Karate Kid” this little edition from the Smill family again, made a humongous $5 million! Since we were already on the topic of the Will Smith clan, I thought I might as well mention this little hot shot!

Elle Fanning

So while I was watching Super 8, I kept lookng at this girl who had a startling resemblance to Dakota Fanning. Its after a minute amount of research that I found out that she is the sister to the famous Dakota, Elle Fanning. She grabbed $1.8 million for her role in Super 8.

Dakota Fanning

Dakota Fanning of the Twilight fame is also another dame who is quite a rich little teen. For her role of JANE she grabbed a huge amount of $4 million which I am sure to fulfill her little wishes!

Nick Jonas

I havent seen the Jonas brothers releasing any music lately so the $12.5 million that he recently accomplished is perhaps feedback. That is quite a benefit of being a teenage celebrity now that I think about it!

Miley Cyrus


I think it should suffice to say that the little pop queen is earning almost $48 million and she is apparently on a world tour! With her love life all set, I do not think it can get any better than this for a girl her age!

Justin Beiber

This guy simply jumped to fame is all I would say. With books, world tours, music albums and what not, he has managed to earn $53 million dollars in cash! That is quite an earning I must say!

Selene Gomez

She is rumored to be the up-coming generations Jennifer Lopez and that said, that fact that she is dating Justin Beiber and already has earned $5.5 million is enough to proclaim that she is off to a very impressive start!

Taylor Lautner

I am sure that all of us are aware of the famous werewolf Taylor Lautner. The guy who plays Jacob in the Twilight series and did superbly well! He earned $ 8.5 million from the Twilight series alone. Then his film Abduction gave him another pirate’s loot which is more than enough for a young guy like him!

Angus T. Jones

The show Two and Half Men did so well is the reason that this guy is earning nearly $300 thousand dollars per episode! Now that is quite a rate of success!

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