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10 Craziest Mental Disorders

There has always been numerous cases of mental disorders in history and thanks to the advancement in medical, a lot of these disorders and now provided with a solution. A deeper look into the statistics for these tells us that one out of a hundred people in America suffer from a mental disorder.

After you have gone through the list below, you shall see that how affecting these disorders are on the lives of the people who go through them. Some of them actually have a huge impact on the people who are effected and the way they go through their everyday lives!


Type One Bipolar Disorder

This is one of those disorders that have been discussed a lot on the media and has been a good plot started for novels and movies. This is the disorder where a person suffers two mood extremes and they keep alternating between the two in certain spans of time!

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Another one the commonly misunderstood disorders where people believe that people only have an obsession with cleanliness. The actual scenario begs to differ where the patients are haunted by worries and fears that seem to disappear only when certain actions are done repeatedly!

Factitious Disorder

The disorder where patients tend to pretend that they are sick only to gain attention! It might get to the extreme where one hurts oneself for the same purpose of gaining attention!

Schizo-affective Disorder

It is a bi-polar disorder but with the addition of a schizophrenic mood to it where the patient loses all touch with reality. This has a huge tendency to convert to full time schizophrenia!

Depersonalization Disorder

The disorder where a person thinks that they aren’t actually a part of their own body and that nothing is real. They do realize that they are ill but they cannot do anything about it.


This is one of the more dangerous disorders where the patients pull their hair out for no apparent reason! Be it on their head, eyebrows, or eyelashes!


The fear of something is called a phobia and it is something the patients have absolutely no control over!

Antisocial Personality Disorder

Again one of the more dangerous disorders since people suffering from this do not have any regard for humanity what so ever and this can be very brutal to others!

Dissociative Identity Disorder

Also known as multiple personality disorder, in this particular disorder one person has like more than two personalities within them and once they switch no one can tell who the person actually is!


Nearly one percent of all Americans have this disorder and it is considered on of the most disturbing disorders ever as the patients lose touch with reality completely and most often than not, permanently!

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