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10 Bizzarre Guiness World Records

Going through the Guinness book of world records is a favorite pass time hobby for a lot of us. I am sure that not all of us remember all of the weird records that are listed there. We have all seen various kinds of records that were made and then broken but in this article, I will be bringing to you some of the strangest world records ever!

Read on to find out exactly to what extremes people go to get on the Guinness Book of World Records! Do share your thoughts in comment section.

The Worlds Longest Diary

Robert Shields of Washington, is in the habit of writing a diary everyday from 1972 to 1996! The diary is more than 35 million words long and considered to be the longest diary in the world!

1016 Piercings

Robison who graduated from a high school in Ottawa decided to get 1200 but found it so painful that he just settled for breaking the record after which all but the record breaking piercing was left in his body! The previous record was that of 1015 so he just got 1016 done!

Most T-shirts worn

Wearing the most T-shirts at one time is a record that is held by David Alexander who wore exactly 121 t-shirts to break the previous record.

Largest Display of Star Wars Clone Troopers

LEGO® in the U.K built the largest collection of Star Wars troopers clones which are entirely built up of plastic lego bricks and nothing else. The collection was displayed in 2008 and there are as many as 35,310 models of Star Wars troopers in there!

Largest Smurf Collection

Steven Parkes who is a British national started collecting stuff toys and key chains of the Smurfs when he was merely a child and it soon became a habit! He now has more than 1100 pieces now that include Chritmas Smurfs, Smurfs dressed as historical figures, and Smurfs related to Easter!

Maximum number of people dancing to Thriller

Hector Jackson, an impostor of the original Micheal Jackson decided to throw him a tribute! So what he did was that he performed at the Monument of Revolution in Mexico City, the song titles “Thriller”, the same year that Michael had died. It is estimated that the number of people were around 13597!

The World’s Biggest Miser

Miss Hetty Green, however, she was a very rich lady and I certainly do mean very rich because she has nearly 107 million dollars in adjustment. The extent of her miserliness can judged from the fact that once her son broke a leg and she spent so much time looking for free medical treatment that the leg was amputated! Talk about being a miser, this woman is a total biaatch!

Tightest Frying Pan Roll

The record is held by Scott Murphy who rolled an aluminum frying pan with his bare hands into a circumference of 30 centimeters. It was a 12 inch aluminum pan. I would surely not like to be on the receiving end of a punch from those hands!

Eating an Airplane

The man called Michel Lotito ate up a Cessna 150 which is an airplane for those of you not in the know. It took him two years to eat the whole plane, the years in question being 1978 to 1980.

Eye Popping record

I reserved the weirdest for the last place so here goes. There is a guy from Belo Horizonte named Claudio Pinto. He is the first man in the world who can pop both of his eyes out nearly 95% or what would roughly be one and a half inch out of their respective sockets! YIKES!

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