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10 Amazing Things You Didn’t know About Dreams

Dreams are a very important part of our lives because for some that is actually the real world (unfortunately) and then for some, it is an escape, and then for others it carries messages and signs. The science of dreams is very interesting but listed below are some even more unknown aspects of dreams that might interest you.

Epic Dreams

Dreams that completely changed a person after he or she woke up from it, are known as epic dreams. Some people who have seen epic dreams have also experienced dreams within dreams, and eventually a life altering phenomenon!

Marijuana and Dreams

Doctors have found that those taking marijuana had eventually suffered from a complete loss of dreams and after they stopped taking it, the experienced what could only be called vivid dreams. This proves that marijuana messes with the REM of a person.

Difference in dreams of different genders

So here are the amusing differences between the dreams of men and women. Where women have longer dreams, filled with emotions, and with places and people they know, men’s dreams are shorter, void of emotion and normally involving places and people unknown to the dreamer!

Dreams and Psychosis

Here is a thought, if a person has a continuously disturbed REM, it can eventually lead to psychosis. REM is the Rapid Eye Movement Sleep, for those who didn’t know.

Dreams of the Blind

There is something you did not know, even the blind people have dreams. They only dream sense and sounds, no images unfortunately.

Dreams inspire great ideas

Vincent Van Gogh claimed that he dreamed his paintings and then he painted those dreams and this stands true for a lot of different great inventions. They were dreamed first!

Children’s Nightmares

Believe it or not, children have more nightmares than adults, specially in the age where they cannot speak. Some people also believe that when children cannot speak, they see the exact future in their dreams! Creepy no?

Dreams are forgotten

More than 90% of the dreams are forgotten! Yes, no wonder we do not remember what goes on when we sleep most of the times.

Dreams of Animals

It seems hard to believe but yes, animals also dream. The pattern varies from dogs to cats to birds ofcourse but doctors claim that all mammals can dream period.

Brain Activity during dreams

Now this is a rather interesting find, that the cortex of the brain is more often than not, more active then it is when a person is asleep! A very bad case of this is when the brain does not shut off at all even if coma is induced, which then causes fatal insomnia!

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