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10 Optical Illusions to Twist your Mind

Illusions are actually a distortion of senses. One time the senses make you see one picture and the other time another picture. But once you get hold of the image and get to know the real picture behind it, it gets quite enjoyable and interesting.

Here we have gathered 10 amazing optical illusions that will twist your mind surely.


Optical illusion 1


To solve this illusion, get close to your screen and try to concentrate on the dot that is in the middle of the circle. You’ll see that the blue circle will start fading away.

Optical illusion 2


What a great picture it is of a place, but wait, ain’t that a face ? see it again from some distance.

Optical illusion 3


An illusion that will twist your mind completely. It’s hard to see the real picture behind it but once you see it, you always see it the right way.

Optical illusion 4


Concentrate on the black dot that is in the middle of the picture and soon you’ll make the whole background gray.

Optical illusion 5


You wont even believe that the orange circle in both the figures is of the same size. Cool right?

Optical illusion 6


This illusion is also called jesus Christ illusion. One of the most famous illusion. Concentrate on the three black dots in the middle of the picture for 30 seconds. Then take a white paper and start seeing the paper.

Optical illusion 7


White dots. NO black dots. NO white dots. Arrrggg what the hell?

Optical illusion 8


One of the oldest and the most known illusion. I see two ladies. One is old and the other one is younger. Can you see them too?

Optical illusion 9


12 ABC 14. But wait, is the alphabet in the middle really an alphabet or a number?

Optical illusion 10


Great picture great art. Btw how many dears do you see? :p one? Two? No one? Or maybe two?

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