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10 Most Popular Marvel Comics

Reading Comics was the most interesting and enjoyable thing when i was growing up. Children used to love reading comics and used to buy all the parts and series of their favourite comics. Movies somehow replaced the fashion of comics but even now some kids love to read them. Marvel being the best comic producer created some of the best comics ever !

So here  we have a list of 10 most popular and best novels by Marvel which were also made movies by Hollywood.

Iron man


The story plotter stan lee wanted to create something different. Something related to war or military because at that time, the young readers used to hate war and LEE wanted them to change their minds. He was trying to prove that “some heroes are not born, they are made”.



The most attractive thing about this comic was that peter parker was not so special before becoming the spiderman, something that the readers could relate their selves to.



The character batman was first introduced in the detective series. The character became so popular that the writers thougth that this character could be used to create his own self titled series. So the comic book BATMAN was introduced.

Captain America


The main attractiveness of this series was because of the fact that it was based on World War II.  It was the most popular superhero in the war times.

X men


A different kind of story where people have different superpowers ( liked by almost all the kids ). Their training, fights and everything was included in this comic. It gets more interesting when there becomes 2 groups of mutants, fighting with each other.



No guns, no weapons of mass destruction, no fiction, only one female ninja assassin and that’s what made it unique.Was greatly loved by the readers.

Fantastic four


4 heroes with different super power in just one comic? what could be more better for a comic reader. Again an excellent job done by STAN LEE.



Full of action and thrill as the main character of this comic hunts down vampires one by one. P.S its impossible to kill him.

The Hulk


You don’t want to make him angry because he’s gonna go all green and kick your ass. A bit of romantic and action comic which addicts the readers.

Conan the Barbarian


The most hit and popular comic of its time and is also known as the cult classic.

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