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10 Most Anticipated Movies of 2012

Movies have greatly entered in every person’s life. Prequels and Sequels are always loved by the viewers as much as movies themselves. You’ve surely heard this line from a person, “DUDE, first part was awesome, and ofcourse the second one is gonna be awesome too”. So it is very important for the movie makers to make the first part a blockbuster.

Here is the list of 10 most anticipated movies of 2012. And ofcouse they are all sequels.




After watching Captain America, viewers will love this one where a number of superheroes defend the earth from extraterrestrial invasion.

The Dark Knight Rises


The base has been made. Fans of Batman series are eagerly waiting for this next part of the Batman chain. It’s going to be HUGE!

The Amazing Spiderman


Story taken from marvel comics, Spiderman is in the hearts of many children and adults too. Story has always been good and the direction too. It’s been long since the last Spiderman movie so here we go.

The Bourne Legacy


The Bourne novels were only 3 and that’s what surprising the Bourne fans. “Are you serious? Another part is coming? What will it be about? *curious*.

Underworld Awakening


Underworld previous parts were fans favorites’. So the underworld fans would be really happy to watch another part of their favorite vampire movie sequel.

The Expendables 2


Everyone liked the first part. Full action, good story, cool stunts, amazing stars. Who would not want to watch those stars and the same action again?

Clash of the Titans 2


Many movies have been made on Greek Mythology but the first part of this movie was something special. Great battles, suspense and everything. YES I’d like to watch another part please.

Hitman 2


After the Hitman game and the first part of the movie, Hitman fans are dying for the second part to release. And of course why wouldn’t they be? Hitman’s AWESOME.

Men in Black 3


Comedy with action? That is something unique. First two parts went successful and were really liked by the viewers. So yeah I’d like to watch the third part. Keep it coming baby!

Resident Evil Retribution


Same virus, same zombies, same suspense, same action. Here we go again.

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