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10 Best Animated Movies of All Time

Life is a continuous dose of shocks and terror that all of us want to run away from, but the question is HOW? The only answer to this is “animated movies”. No matter how old you get, you are never too old to enjoy cartoons. They are not only a source of having a good time but also make us believe that love and hope is still in the air.

Here is the list of 10 best animated movies of all time. If you haven’t seen even a single one of these, you certainly have missed a lot.

The lion king


Animated movie which won the hearts of not only kids, but adults also. Beautifully directed and a great story explaining that the payment of EVIL doings is always terrible.



Most famous and liked movie of its time. Magic, drama, suspense, romance, the story includes almost every genre. And yes, who could forget the all time favorite GENIE.



A totally different type of story with perfect background music. clearly Disney made a very strong effort which was liked by almost every viewer.

Ice age


Spectacular movie filled with adventures, jokes, superb animation and heart touching story. What more would a viewer want in a single movie?.

Finding nemo


Story of a small fish which learns to believe in himself and does not stop trying to get freedom. Movie explains how teamwork can lead to success, clearly a brilliant moral for the viewers.

Toy story


With a unique story, Toy Story was loved to bits by millions of people and that clearly gave the director a thought to make more out of it.



Sweet. A word that every viewer of this movie tends to say after watching it. The characters reflect the sweetness

 Wall E


Explaining emotions without words seems impossible but this movie made it possible.

Kungfu Panda


Try, try harder. The movie which explained this quote perfectly. Humorous but has explained the message amazingly.



Some say he’s fat, some say he’s ugly but that doesn’t mean he is some kind of a monster. Shrek made milli0ns of fans on the date of its release and clearly deserves a position in this list.

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