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10 Believed Objectives of Illuminati

We all love conspiracy theories. Why not highlight the biggest of them all, “The Illuminati”. For those of you who don’t know about it, Illuminati is the name of a secret society which was founded in may 1, 1776. They follow the teachings of a religion known as Kabbala and are also the worshippers of Satan. They believe that the anti-christ will come to earth and will rule it forever. Their biggest enemy are Muslims because it is written in the Quran that the anti-christ will be defeated by Imam Mehndi A.S.

Below mentioned is a list of 10 believed objectives of illuminati. They want to get hold of the whole world before anti-christ comes to this world. All points mentioned below are conspiracy theories and are not fabricated for this post but are researchable on web too.



One of their main and biggest objective is to control the banking system of the whole world and they have accomplished it. It is said that all the banking system in the world is run by Illuminati now.



To convey different messages through music was important to them. Almost all the people on this earth listen to the modern music so it is believed that they place their messages inside songs.



All the children in the world watch cartoons. Children are most vulnerable so through cartoons they convey different messages and show different signs which they want us to see and inculcate in us.



It is said that The illuminati group is involved in box office too. You must have seen movies with weird and non ethical themes and must have wondered why would anyone want to make such movie. May be your questions make sense now ?

New world order


YES. It is Illuminati group that introduced this order which states that a group of elite will rule the whole world through a real government.

Common Signs


Spider-man! spider-man! .  Where’ve you gone spider-man!. OH WAIT. Ain’t the spider-man sign same as the devil sign? co-incidence huh? I DON’T THINK SO!



Well this one is actually interesting. From the beginning to this day, all the presidents of United states of America are said to be related to each other. If we search it online, we will find that the presidents were related to each other somehow. That is done to keep the power to the Illuminati so that they could control the world.

Turning the World Against Muslims


Muslims are the biggest fear to Illuminati. Why do you think the 9/11 attackers were Muslims? why there was no picture given to media at the death of Osama Bin Laden? because there exist no Osama. It was all pre-planned just to turn the world against Muslims and they were successful in doing so.

Keep the secrets within


The most important objective of this group is to secure their secrets. One who tries to reveal their secrets ends up dead or lost, specially rich and famous. One conspiracy that revolves around is the death of Lady Diana. She wanted to marry a Muslim so the group Illuminati decided a place for her. GRAVEYARD.



You must have noticed why there are so many triangle shaped buildings. The shape triangle is their sign. So they are creating different buildings in shape of triangles to common the sign and to release the negative energy by doing bad doings  in those buildings.

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