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10 Ways to Brighten Up Your Room

With the recession hitting everyone these days it’s hard to get chic for cheap. However there are so many ways to make your room go from so-so to WOW OH! With a little DIY know how, creativity and a few household tools you can revamp your entire boudoir. Add a stamp of your individuality in your room by adding your personal touches.

Here are 10 ways to brighten up your room and transform your room without breaking the bank.

Search your attic remember those old jeansyou never thought you would wear or that pretty but half torn shirt that has been lying around somewhere. Now is the time to but that all to use. Old scarves can be draped over lamps or curtain railings. Or better yet sew all the old pieces of your clothes into a patch work quilt.

Often so many items are around the house are lying useless. Sometimes in the basement sometimes those old Christmas tree decorations. The ancient lamp that grandma has, that has never been used for milleniums! Use the eye of a hunter and scope out these hidden treasures. The lamp can be used all you have to do is dust it off and purchase a new shade and hey presto a new lamp at your doorstep.

Usually when we change our room we think of changing furniture, curtains, bedspreads or wallpaper. However a much cheaper solution would be to keep the old stuff but add new decoration pieces. New lamps ,decorations, wall hangings, cushions and vases are much cheaper and also add a fun element to the room.

Superman Poster
Posters are a great way of making your domain look dangerous and exciting. They add that extra element of adding character to your otherwise blah bedroom. Choose from a variety of poster types such as boy bands, comics or even cartoon classics. Posters invoke nostalgia and bring back a flood of childhood memories.

Painting one wall or self graffiti
Self Graffiti

Usually painting the entire room is an expensive process. But to make your room look more cheerful you can also paint one wall of your room in a bright color and keep rest of the walls simple. Another alternative would be to write graffiti on your wall with a spray paint and create murals using cutout shapes.

Wall hangings


If Picasso and Van Gogh are out of your budget worry not as there are a million ways to adorn your walls without undergoing an art heist. Use colored wrapping paper in interesting patterns and put them in frames or if you have any drawings, which you made as a child frame them and put them on your walls. Another way to add dimension to your room is to add mirrors which will make your room seem bigger in size.

Blow-up plastic furniture
Blow up plastic furniture

The words blow –up are synonymous with much more lewd figures! However that was not what we had in mind!. Plastic or blow up furniture a cheap way of adding more seating space and is convenient for when you don’t need it you can deflate it and put it aside. and if you party a lot it can also serve as a raft in a pool. Bonus!

Fairy lights
Fairy Lights
Fairy lights are a great way of adding a romantic touch to your bedroom. They look pretty and when put together in different colors and combinations they create a serene and stunning ambience in the room. Especially with rooms that have a pastel decor. Or even with bright colors. Decorate them around mirrors and dim the lights. This effect will make any girls room look fit for a princess.

Giant scented candles serve the multipurpose of making your room smell good and adorning your otherwise empty bedside tables. Place them in strategic locations to ensure good smells and pretty table decorations.

Old grocery items
Old Bag
For artistic DIY types instead of throwing that old bottle out paint it or decorate old hat or shoe boxes for colorful storage and decoration options. If you have a green thumb keep plants or flower sin the bottles.

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