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10 Most Weird Cars Ever

So we were browsing through the web, looking for wacko vehicle designs and surprisingly enough, found countless pictures of slightly absurd to downright crazy cars.

Following is a compilation of the wackiest of the lot. Would you want to be seen riding in any of the following?



Stiletto Car

Looks like someone’s a big Devil Wears Prada fan.

Dragon Car

Dragon Car

Enter the dragon. Whoops. That makes two movie references in a row.

The Catmobile


Obviously, Catwoman does not have Batman’s aesthetic sense.

Hot Dog Car

Hot Dog Car

Talk about being obsessed with food.



They’ve got to do better than this if they want to take over the world.

Phone Car

Phone Car

I hope it’s wireless.

The Goldfish

The Goldfish

No, it doesn’t float in water.

The Zoop Car

The Zoop Car

Designed by the Paris fashion house Maison de Courrèges, this wacky eco-friendly electrical car can hit speeds of up to 120 mph!

Shoe Car

Shoe Car

Imagine looking into your car’s rear-view mirror to find this red boot-mobile chasing your tail.

Star Car

Star Car

The meaning of the name, as you can see, is strictly literal.

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