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10 Most Weird and Crazy Dresses

With fashion, the sky is the limit. A design or concept is only unusual or weird till it catches on and becomes part of the ongoing fashion. Still, some designs are made for the sole purpose of proving a point – the following dresses for instance. Now, these dresses may be outrageous but they are works of art nonetheless. One has to appreciate the ideas behind each of these dresses and the finesse behind the subsequent implementation.


Cream Puff Dress

Cream Puff Dress

Ukrainian Chef Valentyn Shtefano created this 20-pound sweet (literally) dress for his fiancé. The dress took 1,500 cream puffs and 2 months to put together.

Hamburger Dress

Hamburger Dress

This scrumptious looking dress is the work of artist Joy Kampia. The dress might not be one to be worn to a thanksgiving dinner but it can definitely serve as the attire fast food restaurant waitresses.

Wooden Dress

Wooden Dress

Winner of the Uncommon Threads Wearable Art Fashion Show in Baton Rouge, Grace Johnston’s Wooden Dress has a corset made from laminated wood and a skirt made out of bent wood. But that’s not all. The dress can curtsy. Rings on either side of the dress can be pulled to make the skirt rise.

Paper Dresses

Paper Dresses

Designed by Alexandra Zaharova and Ilya Plotnikov, these dresses are made entirely out of paper. When wearing these on a cloudy day, don’t forget to take an umbrella along! [Source]


Ms. Homeland Security: Illegal Entry Dress Tent

Tent Dress

This combination of wit and art is the work of Robin Lasser and Adrienne Pao.

Vertical Garden Dress

Vertical Garden Dress

Designed by Jean-Paul Gaultier, this exotic dress transforms the wearer into a walking vertical garden. [Source]

The Bubelle Dress (Emotion-sensing Dress)

Emotion-sensitive Dress

Even clothes are slowly succumbing to the technology craze. Philips’ emotion-sensing dress comprises two layers, the inner one of which serves to sense the mood of the wearer via various physical changes while the outer one changes its color in accordance.


Video Dress

LED Dress

Presented at the Milan Design Fair, Turkish designer Hussein Cahalayan’s video dress, courtesy of 15,000 blinking LEDs, presents an attractive light show with the image of a flower opening and closing in the foreground. [Watch Video]

Birdcage Dress

Bird Cage Dress

The Birdcage Dress by Kasey McMahon is a “a flattering and practical dress that doubles as a functional bird cage”. The cage itself is made out of wrangled brass.

Skittles Wrapper Dress

Porcelain Dress

Designed by Li Xiaofeng, this unusual dress has been made from several pieces of blue and white porcelain from the Ming and Qing Dynasty sewn together using silver thread.

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