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10 Most Creative and Innovative Print Ads

Advertising is no easy task. What’s the secret behind designing a good ad? Why do certain ads stand out more than others? What keeps the target audience engaged enough to give an ad a second look? What urges them to know more? If all of those questions are bugging you as much as they did us, you should take a look at the following set of inspiring and witty examples.


queer-travel.de: The other side of America.

Queer Travel

OMAX: Wide-angle lenses.

OMAX - Wide-Angle Lenses


The Nikon S60: Detects up to 12 faces.

Nikon S60 - Face Detection

Listerine: Bad breath affects those closest to you.

Listerine - Bad Breath

Eyelab: R250 off all eye tests.

Eyelab Optometrist

Canon: Image stabilizer.

Canon - Stable Shot

Rowenta: 2100 watt vacuum cleaner.

Rowenta Vacuum Cleaner

Pattex Superglue: Instant hold.

Pattex Superglue - Instant Hold

Pantene PRO-V: Hair fall control

Pantene PRO-V - Hair Fall Control

Durex. No exit.

Durex - No Exit

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