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10 Top Conspiracy Theories

Mystery always attracts attention as do the conspiracy theories revolving around it. Be it religion, science, politics, war or economy, conspiracy theories have consistently emerged throughout recent and ancient history, persisting to this very day.

With countless such theories floating around the web of information, each presenting its own often convincing counterevidence to the alleged “truth”, the line between fact and fraud seems to be blurring day by day. Following is a list of the top or most popular conspiracy theories in history.



The 9/11 Conspiracy

Septamber 11 (9/11) Conspiracy Theory

According to popular belief – even in the United States itself – the 9/11 incident was planned and executed or simply allowed to happen by the then government to engender support of the American public and the world for invasion of the Middle East, the war being a mere cover for the chief purpose – accessing Middle Eastern oil reserves and consequently, Pax Americana.

The Pearl Harbor Conspiracy

Pearl Harbor Conspiracy


Advocates of this theory believe that that officials at the highest tiers in the US and British government, including the then US President Franklin D. Roosevelt himself, knew of the Japanese attacks ahead of time, my even have provoked them and took no countermeasures with the intent to ‘fool’ the German Führer Adolf Hitler into declaring war on America, forcing her to step in to assist the Allies.

The New World Order

New World Order

Innumerable conspiracies revolve around the concept of a New World Order, that is, a dominating world power steadily and covertly spreading its influence and rising in strength, all for the purpose of bringing the world under a unified rule or master government.

Princess Diana’s Death was no Accident

Princess Diana's Death Conspiracy


Proponents of the Diana death conspiracy claim that the Princess of Wales was assassinated by elements of Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service to prevent her allegedly deep relationship with the Egyptian Muslim film producer Dodi Fayed from tainting the purity and honor of the British Royal Family. It is believed that Diana was pregnant and planning to get engaged to Fayed.

JFK Assassination Conspiracy

JFK Assassination Conspiracy


According to numerous polls, a majority of American citizens and researchers believe, owing to several flaws in released evidence and FBI reports, that the assassination of John F. Kennedy involved a cover-up or conspiracy orchestrated by either the American or Russian intelligence agencies, the Israeli government, the then Cuban President Fidel Castro or a union of these and other such elements.

Global Warming Hoax

Global Warming


The gobal warming conspiracy states that the phenomenon of global warming is a scientific hoax concocted to provide the government with an excuse to raise taxes, climate science researchers with an opportunity to draw greater monetary support, the UN with support to propogate a “system of world government” [via Wikipedia] and/or several other distinct motives.

The Roswell UFO Conspiracy and Proof of Alien Existence


Roswell UFO Conspiracy

In July of 1947, debris of a crashed aircraft, described by its first witness as a “flying disk”, was found spread over a ranch near Roswell, New Mexico and recovered by the US military which claimed it was a military surveillance balloon. It is believed that flying object was of extraterrestrial origin and that alien bodies may also have been found within the debris.

Apollo Moon Landing Conspiracy Theory

Apollo Moon Landings Conspiracy


“Different Moon landing conspiracy theories claim that some or all elements of the Apollo Project and the associated Moon landings were falsifications staged by NASA and members of other organizations.” [via Wikipedia]. Advocates of certain theories believe that mock-up sets were used to film the landings.

Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion

The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion


‘The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion’ is allegedly an old textual guide addressing novice Jewish Elders on the methods to gain control of world economy and media, ultimately to attain global dominance. Over the years, convincing evidence has been put forth, labeling it as mere propaganda and a hoax.

CIA-Bin Laden Conspiracy Theory

Osama Bin Laden


Conspiracy proponents adamantly claim that Osama Bin Laden was trained and sponsored by the CIA to fight the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Belief in said speculation only escalated after the 9/11 incident referring to which, some theorize that Bin Laden was a “blow back” while others assert he was and is still working for the CIA, repeatedly mentioning instances where he was reportedly allowed to escape.

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