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10 Most Weird and Ridiculous Jobs on Planet

People all around the world are busy in making money. But some of them are really making in whole a lot of different way. You must be thinking about your job is dull? Check out some of the bizarre things people do for a living in this list of jobs you probably didn’t know existed. You’ll either wish you were doing one of these, or you’ll be thankful for the job you do have.


So here I have compiled a list of 10 most weird and most ridiculous jobs on planet. Do add in comment section if you know any. J

Bad Breath Smeller

How else would you figure out if your company’s chewing gum is getting the job done? This also implies there are people whose job it is to chew gum and breathe in people’s faces. [Image Source]

Pet Food Taster

Not only do these people eat dog food all the time, some actually enjoy it! It’s kind of like wine connoisseurs enjoying a new wine, except its stuff your dog or cat eats. [Image Source]

Whiskey Ambassador

Getting paid to drink whiskey- a job college kids everywhere can only dream of. These lucky people’s responsibilities include selecting the best whiskeys and teaching clients how to fully appreciate each whiskey’s nuances. [Image source]


As the name implies, ufologists are all about the study of UFO’s. History, recent reports, government conspiracies, it’s all included, so if the unknown is your passion this might not be a bad start. [Image Source]


These are the people you see on television explaining so convincingly why Big Foot or the Loch Ness monster are real. It’s all about using your science skills in less conventional ways. [Image Source]

Chicken Sexer

The actual job responsibilities for these guys are relatively mundane- chicken sexers just have to figure out what gender baby chicks are and sort them accordingly. [Image Source]


You’d be surprised how much you can learn from…poop. Pathoecologists study feces from thousands of years ago, learning much about the lifestyles and diets of our ancestors.

Foley artist

You probably hear their work all the time and don’t even realize it- foley artists are responsible for making those everyday environmental sounds in movies and shows on television. They often utilize whatever objects they please to accentuate sounds. [Image Source]

Queen Bee Producer

If bees aren’t your thing this is probably the least desirable job out there, as these people work with bees every day. But not just any bees- they specifically raise the most impressive of them all: the queens. [Image Source]

Gross stunt producer

If you’ve ever seen a show where people have to do disgusting things for money (like on fear factor), rest assured it’s because someone’s job is to come up with such twisted concepts. A surprising amount of research is necessary to make sure that your ideas are not only gross, but also safe. [Image Source]

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