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10 Most Famous Fictional Princess of all Time

Princesses have been popular story characters for centuries, starring in roles from Greek mythology and Brothers Grimms tales. But in recent times, fictional princesses have become even more popular and are known the world over with one glance.


Culled from comic books, video games and least-surprising, Disney movies, he I have compiled some of the most famous fictional princesses of all time. I hope you will like it.


Cinderella, star of hundreds of tales and of course Disney’s movie of the same name. As a symbol of triumphing over oppression, Cinderella has helped inspire millions to overcome living in unfortunate circumstances and wears perhaps the most famous slipper in all of fiction.

Snow White

Starring in the 1937 Disney classic “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”, Snow White is forced into servitude by her jealous stepmother, the Queen. Throughout, she never loses faith that one day her prince will come and take her away. Her faith, cheerfulness and kind nature earned her a place as one of Disney’s Princesses of the Heart.


Voiced in the three Shrek movies by Cameron Diaz, Fiona is an interesting princess in that she was once a fair maiden before choosing to be turned into the lovely gnome. Diaz will reprise her role as Princess Fiona in 2010′s “Shrek Forever After”, the fourth feature installment in the series.


Star of Disney’s “The Little Mermaid” and based on Hans Christian Andersen’s tale of the same name, Ariel is the youngest of 7 mermaid daughters of King Triton, son of Poseidon. Many television shows and several theme rides for Disneyland resorts are made on it.


Another Disney princess, Belle starred alongside the Beast in “Beauty and the Beast”. She’s also an official Disney Princess, one of the seven Princesses of the Heart and star of numerous Disney cartoon series.


Our first non-Disney princess to make the list, Xena is different than the other princesses on this list in many ways. As the title character in the “Xena: Warrior Princess” series.


The first, but not only or most popular, video game princess on the list made her first appearance in Nintendo’s 1986 classic “The Legend of Zelda”. Later starring in several Zelda sequels, the Princess of Hyrule is eventually rescued by her hero, Link, and they live happily ever after until she’s kidnapped again.


The most popular and beloved video game princess of all time goes to Princess Peach, one of the star’s of perhaps video game’s most popular franchise of all time, Super Mario Bros. The prototypical “damsel in distress”, Peach has won just about every video game award for her category, and is included on Forbes’ Wealthiest Fictional People list, with a fortune upwards of $1 billion.


No not that Diana, the other Diana, or as she’s better known, Wonder Woman. Originally created during World War II, Wonder Woman was usually found fighting Axis military forces before later joining the Justice League and becoming perhaps the most well known female superhero in all of comics.

Leia Organa

Carrie Fisher’s role as Princess Leia Organa in the original Star Wars trilogy not only changed her life, but those of every adolescent boy ever since. The twin sister to Luke, the most famous Jedi in the galaxy, Leia helped thwart the Empire and the Dark Side before marrying Han Solo in later Star Wars lore.

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