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10 Most Populous Cities of the World

The world is a very big place with so much to see and do that most people do not even realize that the majority of the world’s population live in or around major cities with populations that are absolutely mind-boggling to think about.


Here I have compiled some of the most populous cities of the world. I Hope you will like it.

Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo, Japan is the largest city in the world. Tokyo’s official language is Japanese and has a ninety-nine percent literacy rate amongst its population, which makes Tokyo one of the smartest cities in the world. It has a population of 34,400,000.

Jakarta, Indonesia

Jakarta, Indonesia has rapidly grown since 1945, from 900,000 inhabitants to more than twenty million citizens in 2008. The city has become the largest Muslim city in the world.

New York City, United States

New York City homes to more than twenty million people who have come to the city from all over the world. There are thousands of things to keep tourists busy both night and day.

Seoul, South Korea

South Korea is a rich and vibrant city with a wide variety of arts and entertainment, food and festivals, sports and leisure and history to keep tourists interested the whole vacation long. It has a population of over 20,010,000.

Manila, Philippines

The city of Manila is the Philippines capital city with a population of over nineteen million citizens. Manila is a thriving modern city with world-class seaports, shopping centers, rail transits, sporting venues, museums, worship centers, and general landmarks.

Mumbai, India

Bombay was renamed Mumbai in 1996. It’s the financial Hub of India and home of Indian cinema. It has a population of over 19,530,000.


Sao Paulo, Brazil

Sao Paulo is a shopping paradise with thousands of street side shops, flea markets, boutiques, restaurants and street markets. It has a population of over 19,140,000.

Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico City is truly living history in motion with the old and the new entwined side-by-side and all for you to see and enjoy. It has population of about 18,430,000.

Delhi, India

Delhi is the capital city of India, which is the living testimony of the grandeur of the past and the charm of the present. It has population of over 18,000,000.

OSAKA, Japan

Osaka is the second largest city in Japan with a long history of more than 1400 years of trade along its rivers and seaports. It has a population of over 17,270,000.

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