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10 Most Romantic Cities of the World

There are various kinds of cities to visit when you want to relax and rejuvenate yourself. Besides you can visit the destination of your choice to have the most fascinating time. All these cities have romance in their atmosphere.


Here I have compiled come of the most romantic cities of the world. I hope you will definitely take your love ones to these places and will enjoy the best times of your lives.


Paris is one of the most attractive cities that give you a feeling of love and romance. The city is well known for its Eiffel Tower, wines and lip smacking desserts. It is due to these reasons that people find it to be one of the most romantic cities.


Vienna is a city that mingles together in ethnicity, style, sophistication and sense of tranquility. This city has places that have lasting impression to anyone like churches and museums.

New Orleans

There could be nothing more romantic than going on a cruise with your loved one. Museums and parks are a common sight to see in this romantic city.

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Dotted with scenic beauty and beaches this is a romantic city that should not be missed out. Old town of Monaco will have a lasting impression on you forever with the sense of tranquility and romance.


Nestled in the heart of England, London the romantic city has a number of castles, churches and villages and cathedrals. The Buckingham Palace, Tower of London, The Windsor Palace and London eye are the center of attention and are one of the romantic places to visit


The second largest city in Australia, Melbourne has a large number of shopping malls that enable you to purchase the perfect gift for your loved one. The rising and setting sun can be captured in your cameras.

San Francisco

The couples are sure to get into the most vivacious spirits throughout their visit to this amazing city. You can go for shopping throughout the day and the nighttime can be spent watching a romantic movie together.


The city has various romantic places that will allow you to spend your time in each other’s company. The city has parks, theaters and other secluded places for having a romantic time and enjoying your time spent in this amazing city.

New York

This is a perfect romantic city to visit for those who want to have an exciting time or just wants to keep them occupied during a vacation. A lovely carriage ride through the central park is amazing.


Situated in Italy this romantic city has lots to offer. There are a lot of places for sightseeing that is sure to make you have a fantastic time. Ranging from churches, museums and historical monuments this romantic city has it all. Gondola ride is the most thrilling ride for people of all age groups.

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