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Trance or Magic music, as people call this genre of music has inspired and have started reining the hearts of the people around the globe. The buffs of this genre are increasing exponentially day by day and so are the Dj’s who make this music.

I myself am a great trance fan and have been addicted to this genre for quite some time now. Here is the list of top 10 Dj’s of the World.


He is the first DJ in the world to sell out a solo stadium event for over 25,000 people. In year 2005 he got almost 33 awards in various categories of trance music in various countries. He is undoubtedly the King of trance.

Armin Van Buuren

Famous for his radio show “a state of trance “Armin through his magical tunes have proved to be one of the best in industry.

Paul Van Dyk

A Dj who has played in a legendary club “E-Werk” needs no introduction. Strong uplifting progressive tunes have made Paul a unique Dj.


Andre Tanneberger has created extraordinary, melodious club tracks and played countless DJ sets all over the globe. He also makes smoother songs to lose yourself in, where you can begin to dream.


Carl Cox has excelled as a producer, artist, radio DJ, businessman, and ambassador for dance music. He is the living embodiment of the perfect gentlemen, the DJ diplomat and progressive music pioneer.

Dj Sasha

Sasha has always been noted for being a master at style is described as “Progressive Trance” with a good presence of House and break beat elements.

Ferry Corsten

Ferry Corsten is known from his heavy hardcore tunes in progressive and house trance. His unique style of heavy music makes him different from the other Dj’s around the globe.


David Guetta the pioneer of French house. David Guettas first album was released by Virgin in June 2002 and went on to sell 250,000 copies.


Grammy award winning DJ duo Deep Dish are two of the most well-known and respected artists in electronic dance music today. Ali Shirazinia and Sharam Tayebi, the Washington, DC-based DJs are collectively as known Deep Dish.


ABOVE AND BEYOND are producers Jono Grant, Tony McGuinness and Paavo Sijamki. Above and Beyond are beginning to carve quite a name for themselves following high profile sets at the likes of Passion, Ministry of sound, Room at the top and international super-clubs like VELFARRE in Japan.

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