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10 Hottest Mac Chicks from Macenstein

Apple no doubt has an excellent range of consumer products such as the iMac, Macbook, iPod and iPhone which are truly stylish and elegant.

What makes these products even more supreme is the manner in which they are advertised and promoted.

Compiled below is a list of the 10 Hottest Mac Chicks from Macenstein, wearing and playing with some amazing Apple products.

1. Morgan Kennedy

Kennedy from New York tops the list with a sexy red undergarment outfit. She is one of the most popular web hotties and a Macbook lover.

2. Sarah Kuehn

Kuehn, a southern Florida art school student makes the Macbook and iPod look more elegant and stylish.

3. Alexandra

Alexandra, a full-time accounting student and part-time waitress knows well where to position the Macbook.

4. Elise Frappier

Elise, a French-Canadian illustrator is a Photoshop expert and loves using the Apple gear.

5. Cara Rae

Cara, a San Diego State college student currently majoring in TV and Film production is one of the most sexy Mac chicks.

6. Alice Blacker

Alice is a full-time UK college student and loves using her iPhone.

7. Erin Marie

Erin from Dallas loves using the iPod classic. She is a model, actor and singer by profession and a big Mac geek.

8. Jenn Thomas

Jenn, a Pittsburgh architecture student and model is a die-hard Mac fan and loves to show-off her natural beauty.

9. Athena

Athena is a cute Mac chick from Texas who loves her Apple gear.

10. Miki Black

Miki Black is a model and musician by profession with some excellent taste of music. Black is her color, whether it comes in the eyes, the outfit or the iPod.

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